2012 Anniversary Contest

On January 8, 2006, The Prime of Ambition launched on the web. It enjoyed three years of updates and fan-involvement before it fell into decline when Sly had to take a family-induced hiatus.

This year, with the focus on re-creating and relaunching The Prime of Ambition, we'll be holding a different kind of Anniversary Contest. It will be an essay contest, and the topic will be "Why I can't wait for Ambition to relaunch!"

The deadline for the essays is February 1, 2012. At that time, both Sly and Luth'rai will choose which essay they found most inspiring, and the authors of each choice will receive a free pencil commission.

Essays should be sent to theslyeagle(at)gmail(dot)com with "Ambitious Essay Contest" as the subject. You may indicate a website url you would like your entry to be linked to on the entries page. You may also indicate if you would rather your entry wasn't posted on the entries page.

Also, please spread the word! Thanks for participating! Without the fans, what's the point?

Final note for those who prefered the Fanworks Contest: If there's enough interest for that, we can offer a free print to the winner. There has not been much interest for the past couple years, but e-mail us if you'd like to partipate and if it looks like there will be enough participants, we will announce rules for such a contest.

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