Gods, Religion, and the Afterlife

The common belief is that the world of Oris is the handiwork of seven gods. These gods are known as the Founders. The Founders came from a divine realm...that nothing is known about. They are by far the most powerful of the Orisian gods. Other gods include the direct progeny of the Founders as well as various individuals, usually angels, that have been uplifted into godhood or demigodhood. These gods are usually referred to as the Lesser Gods. Each of the Founders preside over a spiritual realm - these are called the Seven Heavens. Most of the lesser gods have a realm as well, either attached to that of their Patron (or Matron) Founder, or as part of hell. The exception is the god of death and judgment Sin, who has no realm, but rather shuttles souls to their deserving ones.

Gods gain power from those who worship them. Usually, to encourage this worship, the gods will use their powers for the benefit of their followers. Their closest followers, usually referred to as the clergy or priesthood, gain some amount of magical power from them, in reward for their servitude. The more in tune with his god and doctrine a priest is, the more powerful he is. One does not need to be a priest to gain power from a god, and definitely needs no prerequisite to give it. Most of the gods have set methods of worship that more casual followers take part of under the guidance of the clergy.

Usually when a person dies, their soul goes to the realm of the god that they served or followed, presuming they actually followed this god. Everyone follows a god, whether it was the god he thought he followed or not (and he will have followed one in some fashion even if he believes there are no gods). The closer one followed a god, the more privileges he has within the realm. One can only gain the favor of the god while he is alive, as there is nothing really useful to be done in the spirit worlds. Devout followers may sometimes be uplifted as angels - spiritual servants of their god. If one has followed one of the evil gods, or has merely been a selfish bastard, he will end up in hell. Hell is not a realm, but rather a spiritual prison of everlasting torment. It was built during the War of the Gods (more on this later) to seal up the losers of said war, and has since become a convenient place to put the souls that have offended the gods.

(More on souls will be explained in Magic.)

the Founders

Creator of the earth (core and surface) and the dwarves. God of the earth, duty and honor. The priesthood of Jsut is charged with protecting the dwarfen races. Moles and badgers may be his messengers and are considered holy to him.
Creator of the sun and the humans. God of the sun, light, and righteousness. Cousin to El Flana and Ba Didea. The priesthood of Alos is charged with guiding and protecting the human races. Eagles and lions may be his messengers and are considered holy to him.
El Flana
Creator of the moon and the elves. Goddess of the moon, the hunt and sagacity. Sister to Ba Didea. The priestesshood of El Flana is charged with guiding the elfin races. Wolves and owls may be her messengers and are considered holy to her.
Ba Didea
Creator of the animals and fae. Goddess of creatures and mysteries. Sister to El Flana. Followers of Ba Didea...aren't charged. Monkeys and rats may be her messengers and are considered holy to her.
Creator of the plants and plant-like fae. God of the forests, the wilds and harmony. Followers of Inot protect the balance of the world. Squirrels and cicadas may be his messengers and are considered holy to him. Inot is the only genderless Founder.
Creator of the oceans and the dragons. Goddess of the seas and the elements (earth, water, wind, fire, electricity). Once a lover to Raisenan. The clergy of Awahil is charged with protecting the world. Dolphins and sea gulls may be her messengers and are considered holy to her.
Creator of the stars and the stellar dragons. God of time and fortune. Once a lover to Awahil. The clergy of Raisenan is charged with protecting the humanoid races from outside forces. Butterflies and tortoises may be his messengers and are considered holy to him.