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My goodness, I did fall behind on news updates, didn't I? Let's see... it's mostly good news, as indicated above. The unidicated good news is the stuff I was melting down over in December is resolved and a half. So, unless I lose my sense of reason and get pregnant again (possible) I should be in the clear for regular arting from here out.

I got slurped back into Zelda obsession for a while there, for which I regret nothing, but the moment my brand new shiny Cintiq arrived I have been doing nothing but breaking it in. Well, that and the usual. But mostly the breaking in. Seriously, I've not even had it a month and I've already killed a nib.

But it hasn't been all hearts and flowers, actually. It is an awesome piece of equipment, but getting it to actually work with CS5 has been dodgy. I have searched every forum imaginable but I cannot find a fix for an intermittent sensitivity problem. I made the leap of faith on this tool hoping it would boost my precision and speed, which it does in every program BUT the main one. It is very frustrating, and I hope I can fix the problem soon. (It works beautifully in my copy of CS3, which is apparently illegal but that's another rant.)

But yeah, no real news other than the big news. Cintiq, baby, yeah. Also, going pro to justify the Cintiq (was $2,700 + $300 shipping, for the curious. It weighs 80 lb. Bear that in mind if you plan to get one). I've signed up for a small business workshop to hopefully wrap my head around all the legal crap and get it sorted so Uncle Sam can approproately disapprove of all the money I lose by doing a comic for free.

Relaunching THIS YEAR, dammit, come hell and high water. Although, the high water already came, so I guess we're halfway there?

I got precious little done this past month, so little that I didn't even update the to-do list. I've had an energy crash in direct response to high stress factors, some of which I hope to have cleared up soon and others which I may have no hope of ever clearing up. We shall see. If these things can't be cleared up, I suppose I will have to find a therapist because I am at my wit's end.

In other news, Skyward Sword is a marvelously good game. I have not beaten it yet, as I only play a little at a time, but it has been marvelous for helping me cope.

In more comic-related news, I'm participating in Comic Creators for Freedom this year. Check out the link, spread the news, it's a good cause.

In the biggest news, we're bringing back the Anniversary Contest this year. You probably didn't notice its absense last year, but hopefully you will notice its presence this year. We're taking a different tack with it this time. Please check out the link and spread the word far and wide! It will be a really disheartening endeavor without participants.

I'm sick. Blech. I had three days off. Three consecutive, glorious, awesomely prouctive days off. And I spent them being sick and playing World of Warcraft. Which was fun, granted, but not what I wanted to be doing. Oh, and napping. Because running dungeons is hard when you're sick, apparently.

Luth's Sickly Schedule: 8:00 - wake up coughing 8:30-11:00 - play World of Warcraft 11:00-1:30 - nap 2:00-whenever - play World of Warcraft whenever-wheneverNap until hungry Have dinner like-food sometime after it gets dark 11:ish - Go to bed when feeling brave enough to take Nyquil (only did this once)

And that's how I spent three days. It sucked. Then I got to go back to my job. Where there were heaping piles of dirty linen to greet me. That sucked even more.

Overall, I'm learning about time-management. Again. Because at 26 years old, I still haven't learned how to do it. (And I'm gonna be 27 later this month. Scary? Not really.) Once this cold clears a little bit more so I trust my own thinking again, I'm working out a schedule for comic work and sticking to it like white on rice.

So, we're not going to talk about how it's been 2 years since I last updated. We just won't go there. Instead we'll say, "Hey, Luth's back!" Or working on it. After being on hiatus for so long, I've got to admit that I am lacking in the motivation department. This is not helped by the fact that I found a cool new game to play that has been devouring my time. (In my defense, when my focus meanders its way back to the comic, it will BE on the comic.) Mount & Blade - Sure, the graphics kind of suck (I've played through worse), and the dialogue's... lacking. But the open-endedness is pretty awesome. There's also a bunch of things that I appreciate more thanks to doing research for this comic. Things like having to feed your troops. A lot. And having to pay them. A lot. Maintaining men is expensive, especially when they're actually good at what they do. Kind of a "duh" statement, but one that seems to get overlooked in games frequently. Can you imagine Medieval - Total War if you had to protect your baggage supply train? That'd be pretty cool. And probably frustrating. (That game frustrates the crap out of me to begin with. Mostly because I find the interface as unintuitive as a velociraptor in an outhouse.)

Anyhow... The comic. Yes, the comic. Lot of backgrounds to do, as well as texturizing flats. First I need to remember how I did that in the first place. I'll get there, never fear. And... Yeah. So I really don't have much to say that's comic-related at this point. By the next time we update, I will. Promise.

Seeing as how I probably won't update before the end of the month- I hope all you practicing Halloween'ers have a great Halloween.

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