Citizen's District

Or the place for the middle class. This area is filled with the homes, shops, and workplaces of many of the people who live in Lemallian, and is set apart from the busy-ness of the large merchants. Each city block has a fountain and a public toilet (you really get to know your neighbors). Many of the buildings here also have pipes running from the fountain into them. Otherwise, water is drawn from the fountain in pots. Some of the homes and shops in this area are privately owned, but most are rented from the wealthier land-owners. Most houses are broken up into individual apartments that share utilities. The shops in this district are meant to service the actual citizens of the city and don't handle the constant traffic from the major importers. However, they do make a fair amount of profit from smaller groups of travelers, and are equipped to accommodate such visitors.

The Auqeducts and the Reservoirs

The aqueducts stretch several hundred miles into the Truent Mountains, where they source from a few highland lakes. They are built at an incline to the mountains - even across the plains, the aqueducts maintain a slight angle - so that the water constantly flows down until it is emptied into the reservoirs (or cisterns). While set impressively on tall pillared arches across the lowland, the aqueduct is mostly below-ground for the rest of its stretch to the lakes. The aqueduct splits in two as it reaches the city wall. The western one empties into the southern reservoir the moment it crosses the wall, while the eastern one is integrated into the eastern wall and spans to the northernmost side of the city, where it empties into the nothern reservoir. Both service their respective sides of the Trade Road. The reservoirs have several gates that flow through tower cisterns to generate water pressure. Each gate flows to a specific sector of the city, where it is further broken up into ceramic pipes that service each block. While the wealthy do have private water pipes to their homes, generally each pipe has one fountain. The excess water from the fountain flows under the toilet (pretty much a hole straight to the sewers) to wash waste away. Rainwater from the street gutters also helps with this. The sewage system drains into the sea.