While not as grand and close to the heart of the Church as her eastern neighbor Ceris, Sheren is sly and sophisticated and a representative of the glories of human civilization in her own right. The Sherenese are astute statesmen and merchants and employ complicated but effective diplomacy, taxing, and customs control. Though outsiders consider their ways invasive and hopelessly convoluted, the system is fair and balanced for those who understand it. The people do well for themselves, and so the government does well for itself. The Alessendre regime is such that the government continues to see to it that the Sherenese people do well for themselves. Sheren is the most financially stable region in Oris, and is also the safest place to live.

Lemallian is one of Sheren's star cities and one of the largest ports in the world. The population of the city is roughly 20,000, but as many as 40,000 people may be found within its walls at a time. It is a recent city for its size: only eighty-five years old. The Payorgo Bay area was only much good for fishing until ship-making technology suddenly improved to a point where international trade by sea became a feasable option. As sea trade increased in popularity, the kingdom decreed that a massive port be built in the center of the bay to attract the new traffic. Lemallian was carefully planned from its conception and owes much of its success to this. Set well above the sea on the cliff-face and further protected by man-made jetties, Lemallian promises to remain an important trade hub for centuries to come.

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  1. Gate of Lurayalle
  2. Trade Road
  3. The Wharf
  4. Shipyard
  5. Central Market
  6. Agricultural Market
  7. Farmer's Gate
  8. Citizen's District
  9. Aqueducts and Reservoirs
  10. North Gate and Avenue
  11. Legislature District
  12. Campus, Mage Center, and Hospital
  13. Wealthy District
  14. San Attillio Cathedral
  15. Fishing District
  16. The Lighthouse