The Wharf

There are actually three warves in Lemallian, but these, the Upper and Lower, are the most important ones. The Upper Wharf consists of five piers for loading and unloading the large merchant vessels, and the Lower Wharf has three for the smaller ones. Warehouses line the mainland-side of the wharf to store incoming and outcoming goods as they wait to be shifted from ship to caravan and vice versa. Lemallian is located in the center of Payorgo Bay, so the ship traffic is immense. Ships are docked a bit further out than the piers, as the piers are meant for loading and unlaoding only.

Just east of the Upper Wharf is the Caravan Yard, where the loading and unloading for Caravans takes place. The area is flanked by Caravan Inns which, like the docks, may be rented to rest the entire caravan, from oxen to hands to wagons. These Caravan Inns are further flanked on either side by shops and craftsmen that can provide them with maintanance and repairs.