Central Market

The large marketplace at the heart of the city, straddling the Trade Road. On the southern side, there are the larger permanent shops and the public fountain. In times of drought, this is the only fountain that is never cut off from the water supply. Similarly, the pulic toilets on the northern side of the market are continuously flushed by the excess water running from this fountain, so remain sanitary at all times.

The northern side houses a variety of public places, most notably the public venue. The venue is a large, limestone structure, set high on stairs (not unlike the Rostra in Rome). It is meant for public announcements and addresses. The open area below the platform is one of the few areas where peddlers are allowed to set up temporary shop. However, this area is to be cleared during assemblies and events, and the city guard enforces this well in advance. Because the people of Sheren have the right to speech and assembly, the venue is free for use at any time by all people. To get it cleared for an event, however, you must schedule it through the City Bureau, and this involves no small fee.

The Tourano Bathhouse is located to the east of the venue, near the wealthy district. Public bathing has been practiced throughout the Southern Kingdoms for thousands of years, but since the advance of the current Church of Alos, it has become less widespread. The Sherenese have not quite been tamed of their bathing habits, but the public bathhouses are far less extravagant than they used to be. For one thing, the bathhouse is reserved for men only. There is a smaller women's bath nearby. In most modern cities, women are expected to clean themselves at home, but in Lemallian, where there is a bathhouse, there is a separated place in it for women. While there are a few smaller, other public bathhouses, this is the largest in the city. In addition to the usual three parts of a wash-room, hot room, and cooling room, it also has a swimming pool, a refreshments lounge and a barber.