The San Attillio Cathedral

(Note: Incomplete. The Cathedral will get its own spotlight once we finish the concept work for it.)

This sun cathedral enshrines the remains of Saint Attillio - a man credited with bringing an old man's son to life. Meant to hold up to 30,000 people at once, it is 325 ft. long, 170 ft. wide at the aisles, and 132 ft. to the vaulting in the nave. The central spire above the sanctuary - typical of sun cathedrals - reaches 210 ft. into the sky, a good sixty feet above the clock-tower located to the east of the facade. There are four matching bells in the clock-tower, named the Blessing of the Westerlies, that are sounded on every hour, and also at dawn and dusk on Sundays.

The Cathedral and cloister are set level above the rest of the city (the levelness of which declines towards the sea to promote drainage), about 30 ft. above the eastern side and 80 ft. above the western side. There are stairways and ramps leading to the terrace below the cathedral proper. Below this is the churchyard, a large grassy area allowed for public use. Generally used as a park or recreational area, it also hosts festivals and holy day celebrations. In states of emergency, it is set up to house refugees. The church also stores taxed and donated foodstuffs and collects and stores rainwater from the cathedral roof for use in such times of emergency.

The Church is above the law in Sheren, Ceris, Morova, and Mallala, and is in some measure apart from the law worldwide. The Cathedral grounds has and controls its own gate. Known as the Temple Gate, it is usually closed, and is under direct control of the bishop. Meant for church business alone, it sees little traffic. The Rook above the gates can only hold four griffons - the mounts of the Temple Knights - at one time. Seeing as Templiers are usually dispatched in pairs, the Rook has proven more then satisfactoy in the history of the city. Lemallian holds little need or interest for Church intervention, and so the Church here remains relatively politically inactive and merely serves in the name of Alos.