North Gate and Avenue

The only thing that separates this gate from the others is its location. The road from the North Gate (the Avenue) leads straight to the magistrative district and wealthier sections of the city. It also serves as a beeline to the venue, which aids rapid riding messengers in announcing emergency decrees in a timely fashion. Important political guests are therefore directed to this gate, and often enough traffic is put on hold for them. When no one important is expected, it functions just as the other two.

The Legislature District and the Office of the Magistrate

The Office of the Magistrate is a large arch straddling the Avenue. Not only does it look impressive, it houses the majority of the work that keeps the city running smoothly. Smaller supportive offices are housed on either side, and the district is also home to the Office of the Guard and Investigations (the office of investigations traces illegal and criminal activity throughout the trade route, not only the city), the Offices of Records, the Embassies - both for the Waolese Empire and the Southern Kingdoms, and the Judicial Courthouse. The court has supporting offices to help sort out cases involving foreigners - Sheren is the only country in Oris to grant all foreigners full justice under their native law (provided international agreements exist - a tribal nomad, for example, would be considered to be without country). The Courthouse also hosts a yard for public announcements regarding trials as well as a gallows for public executions. The Prison is located to the west of the Guard Headquarters, near the foundry.

The current Magistrate is Alfonso Scipionus and the current chief justice is Natanaele Mancini.

This district also houses some non-perishable food storage, for use in case of city-wide emergency, but most of the taxed foodstuffs are stored with the church.