The Campus, Mage Center and Hospital

The area around the school, mage center and hospital is sometimes called the Scholatic District, although it is mostly an extension of the Legislative and Wealthy districts.
Medicine is expensive, and only the rich and important can afford to be treated at the Gregario Masoon Hospital. The Citizen's District is home to a smaller, less expensive medical ward, but beyond that, the poor must seek medical attention from independent healers or the church. Thus, the very large hospital sees very few patients, but many students. While the Lemallian school may not hold a candle to the great universities of Jeysten and Lodriat, it is still an ideal learning center for modern (human) medicine and domestic and foreign policy. It is especially ideal for policy study because students may also find work as clerks or assistants at the nearby legislative offices. The campus provides offices for the professors, and all charge a great deal for their teaching. The campus also houses a considerably well-equipped library.

The campus's close proximity to the Mage Center suggests a fair amount of magic study, but there is actually very little. Salamone Offredussi is the master at the Mage Center...and the only master there. While he does have a number of apprentices, the facilities are beyond the needs for the number of people who work and study magecraft there. Because human magical innovation is at its height in Jeysten, most other places of study are beginning to die out. Since the Church of Alos has banned and demonized much magic study (such as divining, placing enchantments, hexing and brew healing), there is very little that magic can do that holds practical interest. In fact, most interest for magic in Lemallian is for use in detecting it. All members of the city guard carry a small rod on a chain that glows and hums when exposed to unnatural mana flow. This is particularly useful for controlling active enchanters - many minstrels and performers learn melody weaving magic (or magic song) in order to compell their audiences to generosity. This is illegal. The only real other interest for magic in the city is for surveillance, locks, and typical glowstones.

There is also the fact that a city like Lemallian is simply too busy and noisy for the usual practitioner of magecraft and alchemy to study comfortably.

The area around the campus provides housing for the doctors, professors, and students, as well as places to stay for holiday goers and places for entertainment.