The Wealthy District

The land of the filthy rich. For the most part, these are the abodes of the big-name merchants, the money-lenders, and the land-owners. Very few of these structures belong to important political figures - most noble families have their town homes in the capital city of Callanon, or the much older port city of Minerva. Visiting nobles therefore are either guests of the Magistrate or staying at the hotels.

Each house in this district has its own fountain (or two, or three) and private toilets. The neighborhood is segregated from the rest of the city by its own wall and has its own guard. The neighborhood also has parks between several of the houses that are maintained by professional gardeners. The houses themselves range from the slightly overlarge and extravagant homes of the entertaining socialite heirs to the small palaces the merchant lords that house their personal mercantile empires.

The district is located in the most desirable section of the city - decently protected from the sea and removed from the bustle of the trade route. It is also located beside a women's bathhouse and salon, as well as several female-oriented boutiques - a wonderful luxury for the wives and daughters of the wealthy.