Agricultural Market

Much of Lemallian's food supply comes from the surrounding farm area. While a small amount of the farm crop is taxed and stored by the government for use in event of siege or famine, the farmers (or the land owners, in many cases) are free to sell the rest as they please.

In order to discourage streetside peddling, for clear streets ensure better safety and traffic flow, a permanent agricultural market was built. It is free for use of those who sell agricultural goods. It has a public fountain, permanant stables, and is encased in a limestone portico. While open year-round, in the winter months it is generally only used for festivals.

Farmer's Gate

Or the Southern Gate. The gate opens to a road that leads straight to the Agricultural Market. Any party with proof of Sherenese citizenship (a small paper certificate folded in a leather wallet that is obtained from the Magistrate Offices...surprisingly at no cost) may take goods through the gate with no customs or inspection needed save a scan for mana disruption. Most of the local farmers are so familiar with the guards that they pass through without either. While having a gate to the south may at first seem unfair to farmers located to the north and east of the city, farmers on these sides may enter at the North and East gates in the same fashion. Most prefer not to contend with the narrow and twisting road to the Market from the North Gate or to compete with the caravan traffic at the Main Gate.