The Fishing Wharf and the Poor District

While fish may not be a great export product, Payorgo Bay is still known for its excellent fishing. The southernmost wharf if tiny compared to the others, but it is more than suitable for the needs of the fishing vessels. The fish market is rather unorganized compared to the other ones, and the content of it changes daily. On days of poor weather, it may even be empty. Many of the local tavern keepers and restauranteurs forgo the market entirely, heading straight down to the wharf in the early morning to get the first and best pickings.

The Fishing District has become the poor district, however. Fishermen must sell competitively in regards to each other. They don't have much expense lost to their business, but anyone with a boat can start up a fishing business. Furthermore, anyone with enough money to afford living in another district does so - compared to the rest of Lemallian, this district is at the mercy of the sea and the elements. Also as the city slowly slopes downward towards the sea to promote drainage, it is the lowest area. Furthermore, the cathedral nearby is elevated on a level piece of land, so that the district lies in the cathedral's shadow. It is therefore undesirable, and so only occupied by laborers and fishermen and others who cannot afford housing elsewhere.