The Gate of Lurayalle

But no one calls it that. Most commonly, it's the Main Gate, and occassionally the East Gate. It has three arches, the center being the checkpoint for entering and exiting caravans. This is the only gate that allows caravan passage, and all approaching caravans are expected to have sent notices to the Office of Trade in advance of their arrival. Outbound caravans must similarly schedule a departure at least a day ahead of time. This is because all merchant caravans are subject to inspection upon entering and exiting the city in order to monitor controlled goods and prevent illegal trade. Some examples of controlled goods include slaves, some animals, enchanted items, various herbs, and large weaponry (the arms of the caravanner guard do not count - only goods meant to be sold). All caravans are expected to provide proof of citizenship of whichever country they come from - without that, they are not allowed to trade. Similarly, if carrying controlled goods, they must present the appropriate licenses for them. Caravan inspection is time-consuming, and caravans may sit for days while awaiting their turn. Outgoing caravans get priority over incoming caravans in order to keep the city streets clear.

The smaller arches are for all other traffic. Incoming and outgoing trade goods are again inspected here, but as they come in one or two cartloads at most, there is no need to schedule these inspections.

The Trade Road

Consistently 80 ft. wide, the Trade Road runs straight through the center of the city from the Main Gate to the Wharf. While constantly busy, the City Guard are reknowned for their keen direction of traffic upon it, and shipments proceed more smoothly through Lemallian than any other port city.